Virtual Web Assistants

Virtual Web Assistants

Virtual Web Assistance/AssistantsEvery online business person needs help sometimes.
Maintaining, improving or expanding a business web site can be expensive and few of us can afford to pay a highly skilled web designer to make minor changes whenever we want them.

You could learn how to manage your web site yourself, but some people are so intimidated or inexperienced with online business, that they just can’t do it all by themselves. Others are so busy they don’t have the time to learn about and devote their attention to every task.

What’s the solution? 
Allow me and my staff of Virtual Web Assistants to literally do the work that is too difficult or time consuming for you!

We can:

  • Create web pages with your logo and text.
  • Update web pages with your new text.
  • Create subdomains and password protected directories.
  • Install special scripts, code, and PayPal buttons onto your web site.
  • Walk you through the process to properly configure software like FTP or email list management software.
  • Set up your autoresponders.
  • Compile your ebook.
  • Resize and reformat photo files.
  • Create PDF files with your text and graphics.
  • Test the functionality of your web site to make sure everything works properly on another computer or browser.
  • Walk you through the process of transferring your site to a new host.
  • Search for potential link and joint venture partners.
  • And more! If you don’t see your devilish task listed, just ask!

Virtual Web Assistance/AssistantsAll virtual web assistance is billed US$ per hour, Project Rate, Weekly, Monthly or Contractual, giving you options to help with saving you the cost burden of using a high-priced web designer for routine improvements. Best of all, most of the tasks listed above can be completed in just one hour or less!

Don’t be put off because you think your project is too big. Our staff can usually accomplish website work at least 5 times faster than a beginner. Please contact us to talk about your project, schedule your work, or request a free estimate.